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In the summer of 2020, we announced a six-part commitment of specific actions we would take to tackle racial inequity. We wanted to share our progress, learnings, how these commitments sit as part of our larger diversity and inclusion strategy, and vision for the future. 

‘Throughout the years here at Soho House, diversity and inclusion have been at the core of who we are, and are important to me personally. The events in America and across the world in the recent past have only amplified the importance of our commitment to diversity and inclusion as we work to make Soho House a better place for our members and teams.

That’s why we created our pledge. But I also know that this is a journey and something that we will always continue to focus on. We’re lucky to have engaged members and teams who are passionate about diversity and inclusion and challenge us to be better.’

- Nick Jones, CEO & Founder


We want to ensure that teams, leaders, advisors and content creators across the business represent the wider world around us. It is important that everyone on our team feels empowered to make a true impact on the Soho House experience.

35% of our 70 most senior positions globally are held by BIPOC leaders.

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Inclusivity Board formed to support making membership more representative and our members' experience more inclusive.

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41% of new hires in the Americas and UK identify as being from a BIPOC community

Collaborators from all ethnic backgrounds continue to shape the focus of the stories we tell at Soho House.
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We aim to train, develop and inspire our people by building a safe and inclusive space for everyone to work, learn and grow. By bringing together diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) with learning and development, we created the diversity, learning and inclusion (or DLI) umbrella, through which we work to embed core DEI principles into every aspect of what we do. From our Bringing Our Pledge to Life workshops to virtual seminars, keynotes and our wellbeing programme,  we produce uplifting content, host events, and encourage thought sharing and ideas to support and grow our teams.

We have partnered with external consultants and experts to help build our trainings and share best practices on creating change.

We have strengthened our policies and guidelines to ensure our teams feel protected and encouraged to report issues, and confident that full investigations are held into any concerns raised.

We’ve launched our Health and Wellbeing programme with mental health resources for all and some tailored specifically to diverse employees.
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100% of new starters now receive an introduction to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion including an overview of Our Pledge on their first day. On top of this, over 50% of our teams have attended our “Bringing Our Pledge to Life” workshops which go into range of topics from intersectionality to discrimination and the importance of being an ally.
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Our culture is what defines us – our shared values, goals, attitudes and practices characterise our organisation. It is important to us that our teams are a part of driving the direction in this space, and that we are clear about our expectations of others. We’ve created tools to flag if those expectations are violated, internal committees to hold us accountable, and work to remove barriers to membership for creatives from diverse backgrounds.

We formed an internal D&I steering committee, and launched 4 Employee Resource Groups within the business.
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We've shared our Way of Living with our members and teams, and exercise a Zero Tolerance policy on sexual harassment, discrimination and bullying. Our revamped Let Us Know tool is live, and a way for teams to anonymously report issues.

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We've brought in external companies across the regions to help us review our culture and​ practices and used their support to build a progressive new handbook, which covers policies like our revised House Style and Grooming guidelines, in addition to many others.

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We've introduced sponsored, merit-based memberships for ​underrepresented creatives from around the world.

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We believe everyone should have a seat at the table, which is why ensuring opportunities for the communities around us to be positively impacted by our business was a key part of our pledge. Through partnerships, supplier relations and charitable outreach, we can support the growth of the neighbourhoods that we are a part of


We have built a Supplier Diversity Programme to address the diverse representation of our suppliers, partners and organisations in the wider community we engage with.
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Accountability is key to success. We’re committed to achieving the points detailed in our pledge, and know that without strong leadership, transparency and openness to feedback, we can’t create meaningful change.

We hired a Global DEI Director to lead this important work and support our directors and managers in setting and reaching their diversity, equity and inclusion objectives.

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House Check-In, our first global employee engagement survey, was completed earlier this year giving our teams an anonymous forum to share their experiences and ideas on how we can continually improve our culture.

We will publish our first diversity annual report, which will include a gender and racial pay gap analysis amongst other key data points, this year.

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‘2020 was the year we decided to take a hard look at where we wanted to be in regards to diversity and inclusion and what it would take to get there. A year on from making our pledge, we’ve seen and felt tremendous growth across the business in terms of representation and culture, but there is still work to do. My vision for the future of diversity and inclusion at Soho House is to be an organisation that achieves representational parity across our teams at every level globally, invests in the D&I education necessary to make lasting impact, and has inclusive menus, spaces, and events for our members. I also want us to be driving an industry-leading supplier diversity programme and a thriving membership base that’s truly representative of the cities we are in. Finally, our company culture is what bonds us and leads to the best experience for our members and thus I want us to continue to support, develop and celebrate our teams in an enriching environment. 

- Fatima Aziz, Chief People Officer